Dance Party: The Teenarama Story  is particular to Washington, DC  … but the phenomenon of teen television dance shows was mirrored in urban communities all over the country. 

Dance Party: The Teenarama Story is quite an engaging story of youth, popular culture, race, television, American history and the contrast between the youth of today and yesteryear. 

Narrated by Motown recording artist, Martha Reeves of Martha and The Vandellas ("Dancing In The Street"), Dance Party: The Teenarama Story examines the popularity of 1950s and 1960s teen dance television shows. This genre of early television ushered in American popular culture and brought the high school sock hops and dance parties into the living rooms of households nationwide. 
Dance Party: The Teenarama Story made its broadcast premiere on Howard University Television WHUT in Washington, DC.  WHUT is the nation's first African American owned and operated PBS station.  
Beverly Lindsay-Johnson, Producer 
Herb Grimes, Co-Producer/Director

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Dance Party:
The Teenarama Story receives television's 2006 Emmy Award 
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 Dance Party: The Teenarama Story 
No Longer Available on DVD